Services Offered
On-site training is available on all aspects of Tavis Manufacturing. We also offer a wide range of consulting services to assist you with business processes, as well as with technology issues.
Custom Reports
Custom report writing services are available for Tavis Manufacturing. All types of reports can be created including statistical, archiving, presentation, letters, and labels. Reports can be created and integrated without the need for an on-site visit and can often be delivered the next day.
Application Integration
Many of our customers have developed their own internal systems that contain proprietary knowledge. We have the expertise to integrate many of these systems into Tavis Manufacturing to ensure that the efficiencies gained by implementing Tavis Manufacturing are not lost due to disconnected islands of information.
IT Support

Our technical expertise is available when your on-site staff requires assistance. This assistance can be provided via phone, on-site visit or via remote access facilities. In assisting your staff, we will educate them on the issues to either prevent future occurrences of the problem or to enable them to deal with issues when they occur.

We provide a full range of IT support services including:

  • Workstation installation
  • Server Installation
  • Network configuration and security
  • Printer management
  • Anti-virus solutions
  • Anti-spam solutions

We recommend Dell hardware for workstations and servers.

Internet Services
We can provide email accounts and web site hosting. We can also help with domain name registration, high speed internet connections, proxy servers, routers and many other aspects of your internet presence.