Tavis Manufacturing pricing varies according to the modules selected and the number of client licenses purchased. Please contact us for a specific pricing.
Client Access Licenses
A license is required for each machine that the application is installed on. However, the number of users is unlimited.
Punch Clock Client Access Licenses
A license is required for each punch clock installed on the shop floor.
A mandatory annual maintenance fee extends your license to use the application. It covers all program upgrades and updates as well as Help Desk support. The annual cost is 15% of the list price for the server and client licenses purchased.
Help Desk
Telephone support is included for the first year with the initial purchase, and extended each year as part of the annual maintenance fee.
Additional Services
On-site training is available on all aspects of Tavis Manufacturing. Tavis Software also offers a wide range of consulting services to assist you with business processes, as well as with technology issues.
Custom design, programming, and additional report writing services are available.