Labour Tracking
A key component in preventing cost overruns on custom jobs is being able to track labour costs effectively. With our real-time factory client and detailed cost analysis screens, monitoring labour has never been easier
Factory Client
The factory client is a shop floor computer that replaces a traditional punch clock. It allows data that is being entered to be validated and processed immediately. In addition, employees can review and correct their timesheets from the shop floor. The factory clients have no moving parts and can be ruggedized for use in harsh working environments.
Office employees can enter their timesheets directly into Tavis Manufacturing in either a weekly or daily view. Labour can be posted daily to ensure job costs are always up to date.
Timesheet Review
Attendance can be reviewed by pay period to account for overtime and verify docking, absences, and breaks. Once the timesheets have been approved, they can be used to generate earnings.
Labour Analysis
The labour analysis screens are an excellent tool for investigating labour charges. For example, they can be used to view the detailed transactions for a particular job, a particular employee, or simply all the overtime charges. Totals can be easily calculated by the press of a button.
Earnings records are generated for the purpose of feeding a payroll service. Regular hours, shift bonuses, and overtime hours are all calculated per employee based on reviewed and approved timesheets. The earnings data is exported to an XML file that can easily be converted to any format required by the payroll service.