Purchasing is one of the most critical elements for fabrication companies. It is essential that the right material is delivered at the right time to the right place. Tavis Manufacturing makes it easy to see Purchase Orders that are outstanding, ones that are currently being written up, and any historical purchasing information.
Purchase Orders

Clear and precise Purchase Orders (PO) are the key to obtaining accurate deliveries. Being able to specify the supplier's part description is often essential. The Purchase Order report can be customized, ensuring a professional looking document that contains exactly the information you want.

A historical reference screen gives quick access to previous vendors and pricing information. Purchase orders can be made out in any foreign currency.

Purchase Order Items

PO items can be created in a number of ways. They can be generated based on either work order or inventory requirements, or be created manually.

When purchasing inventory items, you are not limited to ordering and pricing items by the units defined for the part. Any appropriate units can be used and the required conversions will be handled. Non-inventory items can just as easily be purchased, without the need for dummy part codes. PO items can handle special cases such as purchasing plates by the pound, where the actual weight is not known until receiving. Purchasing angles and bars, where the individual lengths are unknown at the point of ordering, can also be handled.

Each PO item can be linked to a job causing the material to be automatically issued upon receipt.

Receiving is simply the confirmation of the received quantities against a purchase order. Additional information such as lot and batch numbers or confirmation of previous estimated weight can also be entered.
When supplier invoices are received, the payable can be generated based on the information in the PO and the packing slips. At this point any price discrepancies or additional charges can easily be entered.