Sales Management
From quoting a customer, to sending off the invoice, the sales management modules provide a full set of features for managing your customer's orders. All the modules are integrated to allow information to flow through the lifecycle of an order. Quotation information can be quickly transferred over to a Sales Order and Invoices can be produced using the information specified in the Sales Order.
The quotation module allows the production of a professional Page to send to your customer. The quote information is retained to assist in creating future repeat orders and is also available for analysis and historical reference. When quoting requires detailed analysis, an estimate, or multiple estimates, can be created and linked to the items on the quote. Estimates provide the facility to specify the Bill of Manufacturing, enter pricing information and provide cost summaries.
Sales Orders
Sales Orders allow the recording of all contractual details of the customer order. This information can be readily retrieved via the customer PO number or several other key pieces of information. Sales items can either come directly from inventory or be manufactured using Custom Work Orders. Each item can have its delivery dates independently scheduled by quantity.
Shipping Schedule
The Shipping Schedule report allows all open sales items to be viewed based on their required delivery date.

This report can be filtered to view outstanding orders by customer.

Profit Analysis
Whether the Sales Order is for standard items in inventory, custom orders, or both, all the costs are rolled up to allow for profit analysis. Commissions and factory overhead are added, allowing for a complete comparison of costs versus revenue. For foreign currency sales, the local currency value of the sale is used for comparison.
Whether creating standard invoices, or adjustments such as debit notes and credit notes, the process is quick and simple. Once an invoice is printed, it is automatically posted to the Accounts Receivable General Ledger (GL) account of the appropriate currency. Revenue, freight out, and tax liability GL entries are also posted.